nipomo-family-dentistry-dentist-nipomo-owner-and-family–Founded in 2008, Nipomo Family Dentistry is a family-friendly practice that specializes in laser dentistry—that means no shots for a smoother, happier corrective experience.

Using the most advanced technology such as the Biolase Epic, this is a dental practice that strives for painless office visits.

In addition to teeth cleaning, fillings, root canals, pediatric dentistry and other routine procedures, Nipomo Dentistry handles cosmetic dentistry. “The coolest part about my job is helping people feel good about their smile,” says Dr. Douglas Ng.

Dr. Ng and Dr. Christina T. Do are committed to addressing the most challenging dental problems. Says Dr. Ng, “We specialize in really complicated cases. Our practice is built on resolving the hard ones as in ‘my dentist gave up on me.’ We can make miracles for you.”

While Drs. Ng and Do work with the latest technologies and treat some of the toughest cases, “We always have room for healthy patients” says Dr. Ng.

The future in dentistry is in painless procedures and faster, safer dental practices for Nipomo dentist family frequenters. Ng and Do are pioneering dentists that stay on top of the game by incorporating equipment that assures Central Coast patients undergo cleanings, surgeries, whitening and check-ups and walk away with a bright smile.

Nipomo Family Dentistry is ranked #1 in SLO County and is a member of the CDA, ADA, BNI and CDSC. They are located at: 195 N Thompson Ave, Nipomo, CA 93444. For more information call (805) 929-1888 or visit