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Nipomo Family Dentistry introduces new Biolase epic for precise dental surgeries

– Keeping up with the newest technology, such as Biolase Epic, and staying on top of refresher courses, meeting state and local requirements, and giving one-hundred-percent plus in Central Coast dental care are matters Dr. Douglas Ng and Dr. Christina Do of Nipomo Family Dentistry consider part of their jobs. The Nipomo family dentist has several options for repairing, improving, and providing a full spectrum of dental superiority, especially when it comes to dental surgery.

The Nipomo dentist has recently introduced a new potent but painless strategy: Biolase epic. The new tool keeps patients in fearless comfort. It is a laser tissue-cutting device that offers two superior elements that remove pain from dental procedures.

It consists of a 940 nm wavelength (distances between successive crests of an electromagnetic wave). This laser apparatus is unlike other devices, most of which use higher power and higher heat that can cause discomfort to the patient. Contrarily, during dental surgery, the Biolase epic cuts through the soft tissue in the mouth comfortably at a lower capacity and less heat, creating a comfortable dental surgery experience.

Another impressive epic feature – ComfortPulse – reduces the actual time the laser is scoring the affected area. This helps to avoid that intense heat that builds at the surgical section causing distressful pain. In addition, most procedures using Biolase epic products can be performed with a simple topical anesthetic and takes minimal time compared to other archaic procedures. The epic is FDA cleared for temporary relief of minor pain. The exclusive beam-dispersing handpiece has several therapeutic applications, including providing temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness.

“There is also a hard/soft tissue laser in the practice, called the waterlase md which is meant for tooth fillings. Very different laser with other purposes. There is also a hard/soft tissue laser in the practice, called the waterlase md which is meant for tooth fillings. Very different laser with other purposes,” Dr. Do pointed out.

If cosmetics are a concern, Nipomo family dentist teeth whitening options are many, but Nipomo Family Dentistry relies on Kör’s for whitening teeth. Kör’s is the most practical and the most accomplishing procedure when it comes to achieving the perfect whiteness to teeth. Regardless of what the reasons for whitening teeth, whether it be to remove stains from smoking, clearing the ill effects of medicines like tetracycline, preparing cosmetically for a model shoot, or simply aging, Kör’s is the most advanced in the field of whitening. The method takes no more than 20 minutes and is faster than other at-station teeth whitening procedures.

If teeth are unable to be whitened because of extensive root damage, there is always the option of the addition of crowns.

The future in dentistry is in painless procedures and faster, safer dental practices for Nipomo dentist family frequenters. Ng and Do are pioneering dentists that stay on top of the game by incorporating equipment that assures Central Coast patients undergo cleanings, surgeries, whitening and check-ups and walk away with a bright smile.

Nipomo Family Dentistry is ranked #1 in SLO County and is a member of the CDA, ADA, BNI and CDSC. They are located at: 195 N Thompson Ave, Nipomo, CA 93444. For more information call (805) 929-1888 or visit